Our mission is to help people in communities with polluted air live healthier lives.

The Idea

As doctors and professors at Stanford University, we were aware of the health problems caused by poor air quality, but even we did not truly understand the scale of this global issue. Once we started digging deep into our research and recognized the magnitude of the health impact caused by breathing polluted air, we knew we wanted to do something about it.

In our research we found a disturbing trend: while more and more people are aware of the dangers of air pollution and are wearing masks to combat the poor air quality around them, health problems resulting from breathing ambient air pollution continue to grow. We quickly found out that the solutions currently on the market are not doing a good enough job to protect people from polluted air.

We recognized that people need a smarter, more effective solution to this growing problem, so we built the AVA Breathe.


Allan Rixen


Robert Chang, MD

Stanford Assistant Professor School of Medicine

Eric Sokol, MD

Stanford Associate Professor School of Medicine

Jan Liphardt, PHD

Stanford Associate Professor of Bioengineering

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